VGN Testing

Sections of the VNG Test

Oculomotor Testing

The patient is required to follow a small object moving in various ways, using only their eyes.

Positional Testing

The patient is moved into different positions to attempt to evoke nystagmus.

Caloric Testing

Air pressure is directed into each ear to stimulate the vestibular system of that ear, for a minimum of 4 times (typically, once for each ear with cool air and once for each ear with warm air); however, this process may be repeated, at maximum, two more times to verify responses. Recordings for each ear are compared to ensure both sides of the vestibular system are responding the same. The air is placed in the ear for about one minute, then following removal of the air, you are asked to answer questions. This test may make you feel as if the room or your own body is spinning. It is very important that you do your best to focus on answering the questions and not on the way you feel. The answer to these questions are not important; the main focus is to keep your brain busy so that it does not suppress the response we are trying to see.